About Us



We are a small team of 5 people and we work from our studio in Guadalajara, Jalisco that arises from the concern to have and add fun, fabulous, creative and colorful options to our everyday life. 


We offer handmade products where we want to highlight their quality and design. 

All our bags are versatile, timeless and are made with materials that are not of animal origin but from the highest quality, made to last. We are 100% committed to not using leather materials and to continue exploring new forms of production and design that minimize the impact on the Planet. Our way of working is very simple, we only design what excites us. Being a small company allows us to produce only what's necessary. We feel privileged to be independent to make our own decisions, and we believe in producing less and better.

Our handmade production helps maintain the ecosystem and the textile economy in Mexico. Our cost of production reflects the highest level of working conditions and business awareness. Producing in our country means that our product does not benefit from unfair trade, extreme working conditions or exploitation of any kind. The beauty of the handmade product is making each bag unique.


There is almost no product that we do not know what its manufacturing process has been, and it is only by having direct contact with all our suppliers. We can pay fair prices to our suppliers because you value our products and pay for them, it's that simple.

We are not a sustainable brand, we recycle the fabrics and materials we use and try to make new designs with smaller bits so everything gets used. Still, only 35% of our products come from recycled materials. There are processes that are still extremely harmful, such as dyeing and sublimation. Our way of counteracting this is by producing what is necessary, be sure of what works and avoid reaching sales.

 We don't believe in sales culture because sales usually means “dead stock” which is exactly what we prevent. 

Even so, we continue to improve and prioritize the origin of our fabrics when we manufacture and we will continue to incorporate recycled fibers.
We believe in having respect for the few resources we have left and not continuing to deplete nature.